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Your Best Source for Buying, Selling, and Valuating Your Used Industrial Machinery – From Just One Machine to Complete Facility Liquidations

Whether you are looking to maximize the return on your surplus industrial equipment, or are looking to buy used industrial machinery, does it all for you. With over 70 years combined experience in the used machine tool industry, our team of sales professionals will work for you. For over 15 years we have been consistently meeting our customer’s expectations. Offers Flexible Solutions to Maximize the Return On Your Surplus Equipment

Purchase: will purchase machinery and equipment outright. We buy industrial equipment for inventory, from just one machine to entire manufacturing facilities.  

Trade-Ins: works with many machine tool and industrial distributors to facilitate trades of used equipment. If you are purchasing new machinery and have surplus equipment to trade, contact us. If you are selling new machinery and the buyer has surplus equipment to trade, contact us. We can ensure the trade in process coincides with the new machinery purchase and delivery. As the used machinery department of Productivity Inc.(the largest distributor of machine tools in the midwest) we handle a multitude of machine tool trade ins and know what is necessary to make the process seamless. 

Consignment: will sell industrial machinery for you on consignment for commission. At this can be done via our Online Auctions or by priced quotation. Our website handles both options equally. Inventory machines on our website are marketed throughout the internet providing sellers with the best possible exposure for their equipment. Our website automatically sends quotations to interested buyers. Online Auction service creates a sales event on the internet that draws thousands of bidders. Our monthly Multi-Shop Online Auctions consistently maximize the return on seller assets. By consigning your surplus equipment to our online auction service, you share in the attention drawn by the equipment consigned to the sale by others.


Our online auctions are a great opportunity to sell your surplus machinery quickly, while generating the most revenue possible. You can sell equipment, tooling, one machine or an entire manufacturing facility. Our online auction website features advanced software with dynamic bidding (read more about it here) and real-time bidding. This site has been created and maintained to ensure the highest levels of Search Engine Optimization. Our website attracts thousands of visitors every day, and our online marketing puts sellers’ equipment right at the fingertips of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers. 

Purchase Used Industrial Equipment From

Our showroom and website are full of great deals on machine tools, fabricating equipment, tooling, and industrial support equipment. We regularly update our inventory page on our website with the latest used industrial equipment available. Our online inventory system automatically sends quotations via email with photos, specifications, pricing, and details. Make sure you get on our email subscriber list to keep up to date on our auction and inventory offerings.

You Can Find Even More In Our Online Auctions

Our online auctions provide the widest array possible of machinery, tooling, and plant support equipment. From the smallest tooling insert to the largest boring mill, everything you find in a manufacturing facility passes through our online auctions. Our online auction page updates frequently to reflect any current or upcoming auctions we may have. Make sure you get on our email subscriber list to keep up to date on our auction and inventory offerings.

Industrial Appraisal Service:

Receive an accurate and professional appraisal for your industrial equipment from one of our Certified Equipment Appraisers(CEA). We have 3 equipment appraisers certified by the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers(AMEA). Our appraisal staff has over 70 years of combined experience in buying, selling, and appraising industrial machinery. The appraisal services provided by are compliant with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). Our extensive market-based perspective provides our clients with reliable and accurate opinions of value. Whether you are looking for an accurate appraisal for bank financing, sale of equipment, estate planning, tax purposes, business planning, or marriage/partnership dissolution contact us today to start your appraisal.

Our History opened 2003 as the used division of Productivity Inc. Productivity has been a Premier Distributor of Machine Tools, Tooling, Automation and Engineering Services since 1968.