Buy Used Machines - Click To View Our Used CNC Machines For Sale

Buy Used Machines - Click To View Our Used CNC Machines For Sale

Machinesused.com is a stocking dealer of quality used machine tools that provides Machine Tools, Industrial Machines and services all around the globe. The company began in 2003 as the used division of Productivity Inc. Productivity has been a premier distributor of Machine Tools, Tooling, Automation and Engineering services since 1968. 

- New purchases include:

- Trade-Ins & Consignments are added frequently.

- Check the latest equipment that Machinesused.com has to offer and receive quotes automatically by requesting a quote for that specific machine. 


Machine Auctions - Click Here for Auctions

Machine Auctions - Click Here for Auctions

Whether you're selling machines, Industrial Equipment or entire manufacturing facilities, Machinesused.com offers you the best return on your assets. Machinesused.com's online auction service allows buyer's the convenience to purchase from their own office.

- We feature Multi-Shop and Complete Facility online auctions.

- Check the website often for updates regarding auctions throughout the year.

Appraisals - Industrial Machine Valuations

Appraisals - Industrial Machine Valuations

Industrial Valuation Services offered by Machinesused.com include:

- Appraisals, appraisal reviews and appraisal consulting.

- Receive valuations from a Certified Equipment Appraiser with the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers.

Latest News

December 10, 2020

We Buy and Sell Haas CNC Machines - Check Here for our Current Haas Inventory

November 1, 2020

Add Your Surplus Machinery To Our Next Multi-Shop Online Auction!

Check Out Our Used Machines for Sale & Online Auctions

Machinesused.com has been providing affordable and reliable used machines for sale across the US for over 18 years. We provide a variety of models and brands of used machines which include, Haas, Mazak, Fadal, VMC, Grinders, Inspection Equipment and Rotary Tables. We will also buy, trade-in, online auction or consign your used machines. Look at our current inventory to view the machinery we currently have in stock. Follow updates regarding our current auctions throughout the year by checking the website often or by signing up to be part of our newsletter.

Are you looking to sell a used machine? 
We have the solution. When selling used machines, most people want fair market value for what they’re selling. Our appraisers will work with you to provide the best solution.

This process includes:

Selling your machines to us directly:
If you choose to sell a later model quality machine, Machinesused.com gives you fair market value for your machine. We purchase anything from CNC Machines, Inspection Equipment, Rotary Tables and More! From selling one machine, or an entire machine shop we can work with you to purchase your surplus used machines.

Trade-in your used machine for a new machine or a used machine in our inventory:
Machinesused.com offers a trade allowance for your used machinery.  This allowance can be used for a new machine purchase with our parent company Productivity, Inc. or you can keep the trade allowance on file for Misc. tooling or any service needs you may have in the future. You can also use the trade allowance for a used machine purchase or auction purchase with Machinesused.com.

Broadcast your equipment by placing it in our Online Auctions: If a machine shop is closing or you want to sell multiple used surplus machines along with various equipment – an online auction is an option. Machinesused.com offers a single auction with your machines, if it’s enough items, or we will add the items to one of our monthly Multi-Shop auctions.

Selling a machine through consignment: Machinesused.com offers advertising, marketing and selling for a used machinery.

View Our Customer Testimonials to read the comments from customers throughout the years.

Give us a call at 763-745-1166 to be sure you receive the most money for your used industrial equipment.

Looking To Buy A Used Machine? Machinesused.com has a large variety of machine tools and equipment for sale, along with our inventory updating daily. We offer Haas, Mazak, Matsuura, Fadal and many other brands of equipment. Check out our upcoming Online Auctions. Online auctions are frequent and offer various machines, tools and equipment. If you have a specific machine in mind and don’t see it listed give us a call at 763-745-1166.

Utilize our Machine Appraisal Service:  Machinesused.com will provide an estimate for the value of your equipment, we offer professional and accurate machine appraisals through various circumstances. If you are looking to get an appraisal on a machine shop, you’re looking to sell, or a bank that is looking to estimate the value of a customer’s assets for a future machine purchase, we can assist you. Our appraisers have over 60 years of experience, conform with USPAP regulations and all Certified Equipment Appraisers. If you choose to buy, sell, trade or need an accurate machine appraisal service, Machinesused.com will assist your needs.


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