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Welcome to Machines Used.  We are here to answer any questions you might have.  Our most common questions are below or feel free to contact us


Q:  How do I find Used Machines for Sale?

A:  There are two ways to Find Used Equipment for Sale on the Website:

By requesting an Auto Quote from the Inventory Section of our website.  This is where we sell machines that are priced to sell from our inventory of available used equiment.  This can be reached from Clicking on the INVENTORY button on our Main Page, or LEARN MORE button in the Inventory Column on our Main Page.  If you are on our Auction Main Page you can get back to our Main Page by Clicking on the blinking red button on the left side of the page that says: CLICK HERE FOR INVENTORY OF USED EQUIPMENT.

By going to our Auction Main Page and Scrolling or Searching through our Upcoming or Current Online Auctions.   The Auction Page can be found by Clicking the AUCTIONS button on our Main Page, or the LEARN MORE button in the Auction Column of the Main Page.  Once on the Auction Main Page, you can enter an auction by Clicking the ENTER AUCTION button on the Auction that you wish to enter, or a Picture on the front page that is in the Auction that you wish to enter.  This will take you to the Auction Details Page, which gives al pertinent information on that particular auction.

Q:  How do I Search / Find Equipment on the Inventory Page?

A: Our complete Inventory Can be Searched by Scrolling vetically up an down through the list of Items on the Inventory Page. The Page allows for 10 items per page, you can see more items by Clicking GOT TO NEXT PAGE or GO TO PREVIOUS PAGE, which is located just Above or Below the List of Items.  The Default setting for the Sorting on the Inventory Page is Manufacturer / Model.  Items will be Sorted by Brand Name in this Setting.  If you would Like to Sort by Category or Keyword, this can be done by Selecting CATEGORY or KEYWORD on th eInventory Page.

B: If you wish to Limit your Search to only Certain Manufacturers, Models, Categories of  Equipment or Keywords, you can select those on the Inventory Page - These Search Options are located near the Top of the Page - Just above the Item Listings.  You may Click on one of the Search Methods that are hlighted above to see how.

Q:  How do I see or get more information on an item in Inventory?

A:  To the right of the Thumbnail Picture of an Inventory Item is a Brief Item Title - CLICK ON THE TITLE and you will be taken to that Item's Detail Page.  This Page Contains more    Pictures, that can be clicked on to Enlarge, and a more in-Depth Description of the Item and what is it Equipped With.

Q:  How do I get the Price and Availability of an Item that I see on' s Inventory Page?

A:  You can Request a Quote.  Quotes will be emailed Automatically upon request of the system.  In fact, you may request Multiple Quotes at once.  You can request a Quote by clickon on the large and very obvious REQUEST A QUOTE Button on the right side of any Item on the Inventory Page, OR if you are on an Item's Detail Page you can Click where it says Request a Quote on This Machine in the Upper Right Portion of the Item's Detail Page.  

You weill be aksed for your basic Contact Information - ONCE YOU HAVE ADDED AN ITEM TO REQUEST A QUOTE - YOU CAN ADD OTHER ITEMS TO THE REQUEST BEFORE CLICKING THE "GET A QUOTE BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.  This can be done by Clicking "Add More Machines to this Quote", which is located directly below the List of Item(s) you have Placed into the Send me a quote on Box.

Q:  How do I register as a New User on the site? 

A: You can start by clicking here and going to the Auction Registration page.