Welcome to Machines Used.  We are here to answer any questions you might have.  Our most common questions are below or feel free to contact us

Q: I am not getting Quotes I requested from Machinesused.com

A: Your quote has been sent to the email address you provided, Please check your email inbox for your quote. If you do not see it, check your “Spam” or “Junk” folder, and then add the domain @machinesused.com to your Address Book or Your Email Provider Whitelist, so your email provider knows you welcome our messages. If it is not there, chances are you made an error when entering your email, please request quote re-entering your email and check for errors befor submitting.

Q:  How do I find a specific machine and request a quote for that machine listed on the Inventory Page?

A:  When you reach the inventory page from the home page, you can search for specific machines by using 3 different methods. You can either click the category on the upper left and search for a certain type of machine, you can search for manufacturers in the tab in the upper middle, or you can search for a specific keyword in the right area of the screen and click GO to find the machine you're looking for. If you can't find the machine you're looking for you can email us at Sales@MachinesUsed.com

To request a quick quote for a machine either click request a quote on the right side of the inventory page for the machine you're interested in, or you can click the image of the machine and go into that machines page, watch a video, see some specifications about the machine and click request a quote below the image of the machine. After filling out the simple contact form you will be able to submit your information and immediately have a quote sent to your email with detailed specifications, images and pricing.

If you're already a registered bidder all you need to do is click request a quote then submit your info already provided in your account and that's it!

Q:  How do I find a rigger for my machine(s) that I purchased?

A: The riggers that we list on our Riggers/ FRT Page are the ones that we recommend to our customers. That page will show you riggers all across the country that can help you to transport any type of machine or equipment. 

Q:  How do I bid in the online auctions?

A:  Go to the Auction Registration Page and sign up. Once you verify your email after registering you're ready to start taking part in the auction!

Q:  I just won a few items in the auction and this is my first time bidding. Now what happens?

A:  After you win the items in the auction you will be emailed your invoice within an hour. Once you get the invoice you will have until the following day after the auction closes to pay for your lots before they become forfieted. Our online auctions usually close on Tuesday, so payment is due on Wednesday. Once payment is received we will send you over your item releases and you will be able to pick up your items at the location listed on your item releases. If you have purchased machinery from our auction and are looking for a rigging company to transport it for you go to our Rigging Page

If you want to have your smaller auction items shipped, we can handle that as well. Shipping of smaller auction items is usually handled the week after auction close and there is a separate payment for shipping. We ship smaller items with UPS, so if you have a UPS # it will make the shipping process easier.