Used Alberti Machines

Machinesused.com is an online auction that buys and sells used Alberti machines.

Alberti Engineering based in Italy is a historic company that continues to develop its knowledge and expertise in the engineering industry particularly in the area of CNC machines that are used in wood processing. Their products are used primarily by artisans and companies that work in the furniture sector.

Alberti Engineering manufactures a wide range of products specifically for use in the furniture industry. They include the Polarevolution - a 5-axis machining center, and the Vector SH and Vector DH - a machining centers for drilling and hardware inserting. Used Alberti machines maintain their value as the company offers a commercial structure and specialized post-sales technical help to its customers. They are also committed to design solutions that follow the quality standards and production performance required by their customers.

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Visit www.albertiengineering.com for more information about Alberti machines.


Used Alberti Machines