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The E. W. Bliss Company was originally established by Eliphalet Williams in 1884, based in Brooklyn, New York, and manufactured machine tools and munitions. After 90 years the Brooklyn plant was closed, and the manufacturing facilities was moved to Toledo, Salem, and Canton, Ohio; Hastings, Michigan; and Englewood, New Jersey. Today the E.W. Bliss has been consolidated into Bliss Clearing Niagara located in Hastings, Michigan.

Over the course of 100 years, Bliss has been known in the metal stamping press industry for having produced a line of special presses adapted for power stamping machines, sheet metal work, automobile parts, shrapnel and armor piercing projectiles, and torpedoes. Today BCN concentrates on the aftermarket for stamping press repair by manufacturing quality OEM parts, component rebuilds, and stamping press rebuilds. 

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Visit en.wikipedia.org and www.bcntechserv.com for more information about Bliss machines.


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