Used Calypso Waterjet Machines

Calypso Waterjet Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of complete turnkey waterjet cutting systems. By providing state of the art equipment, with the most advanced software available, we deliver a quality product to the end user at an affordable price.
Calypso was founded in 1992, with a goal of making waterjet cutting available to a broad market. The company engineers and founders are people with years of experience running waterjet equipment, who understand productivity in the work place. Our goal is to make better waterjet products, designed to be productive on the shop floor. We think that the more fairly priced waterjet cutting equipment is, the more easily it becomes justified in a wide variety of applications.
Calypso Waterjet Systems is now the preferred provider for value-priced, feature packed waterjet cutting solutions. In order to provide the most automated waterjet cutting possible to a wider audience, Calypso introduced the first Windows based controller to the waterjet cutting market in 1992. Since that time, Calypso has been on the leading edge of introducing features and benefiting fabrication shops and others throughout North America.