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In 1887 a group of 10 businessmen in Grand Haven, MI, founded the Dake Engine Company. Its primary product was the double reciprocating, square piston steam engine, a new invention that had just been patented by William F. Dake. This steam engine became an integral part to the lumbering industry. After WWII Dake bought a two hand-operated hydraulic presses and a line of arbor presses from the Atlas Press Company located in Kalamazoo, MI. In the 1950's and 1960's they expanded this line of presses to 170 models that are now shipped all over the world. These presses service a wide range of manufacturing applications from straightening steel bars and plate to props in shipyards as well as compression molding jet engine components.

Today Dake manufactures a complete line of metalworking equipment which includes hydraulic presses, lap presses, arbor presses, drill presses, custom presses, cold saws, bandsaws, and more. Since they are committed to building high quality, reliable products that will last a lifetime, purchasing a used Dake machine means you are getting long-lasting, dependable industrial equipment for which experience Dake technicians are available for service if needed.

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