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In 1894 Mr. William Simeon Davenport established the Davenport Machine Company in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to produce clock pinion turning machines. Since then, the company progressed into manufacturing intricate multiple spindle automatic bar machines. In 1919 the company established new headquarters in Rochester, New York.

Although Mr. Davenport is credited with many inventions, he is recognized most for the Davenport Model B Automatic Screw Machine in 1902 that has since evolved into what it is today. In addition to incorporating in 1919, Davenport Machine also began playing a key role in supplying the United States military with much-needed war materials for the nation's arsenals. Throughout WWI, WWII, and to the present day, Davenport Machines has produced bullets and cartridge shells. Other war materials included anti-personnel bomb casings and high altitude fuses used in anti-aircraft shells.

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Used Davenport machines