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Two mechanics, Norman H. Fay and Walter Scott, established Fay & Scott in 1881 in Dexter, ME. Initially, they produced wood-turning lathes for making peavey handles to be used locally in the logging industry. Later they expanded to manufacture pattern making lathes, engine or metal lathes, and also a wide range of other contracted machines for American industry. In World War I a large quantity of war ordinance for the U.S. military was produced by Fay and Scott.

Although Fay & Scott continued to manufacture essential items during World War II, they struggled to remain open after the war. In 1947 Whitin Machine Works who primarily manufactured textile machinery purchased them. Reorganized as a subsidiary named Fayscott Corp., Whitin used the Dexter machine shops and foundry to expand their manufacturing capabilities to include such products as Airfoil grinders for Pratt and Whitney, missiles for the U.S. Army, and heavy castings for the Atomic Energy Commission.

White Consolidated Industries bought Whitin in 1966 that then used this factory site to produce various machine tools such as the Leland-Gifford branded drill presses. Whitin sold the company to local owners in 1986 that continued to operate it until 2001. It was then sold and reorganized under the name Fayscott, LLC. but was unsuccessful and finally shut down permanently in 2003.

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