Used Hyd-Mech Machines

Machinesused.com is an online auction that buys and sells used Hyd-Mech machines.

HYDMECH was founded by Stan Jasinski in 1078 as an engineering consulting firm focusing on forestry and hydraulic equipment. Since he couldn't find a mitre saw that fits his needs, Jasinki used his engineering skills to create his own. The result was an improved mitering saw whose performance was superior to previous saws. 

Since 1980 Hyd-Mech changed it focus to manufacturing innovative sawing technology such as the swing-head versatility of their scissors-style saws and offering a wide range saws from portable band saws to circular cold saws designed to serve the industries from automotive to metal fabrications shops and more. Their Quality Pledge promises "to provide the best cost-per-cut solution for our customers."

If our current inventory does not include the used Hyd-Mech machine you are interested in, let us know, and we will work to find it for you. If we do have the used Hyd-Mech equipment you need, contact us or request a quote. 

Visit Hydmech.com (About Us)Hydmech.com (band-saws), and Hydmech.com (cold-saws) for more information about Hyd-Mech machines. 


Used Hyd-Mech machines