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Svend Jakobsen of Denmark established Jakobsen's Machinery in 1942 to develop and manufacture small accessories for bench grinders, slotting and milling machines, and machines for sharpening blades. They continue to produce these until 1952 when the first type of surface grinders, the SJ10, was created. Over the next few decades, Jakobsen continued to develop various types of grinding machines, both standard and automatic. In 1990 Jakobsen was the first grinding machine manufacturer to introduce the linear guides on the cross movement with servo motor and drive. This not only increased the quality, but also resulted in major cost reductions. 

Although Jakobsen became part of Bast & Co. in March, 2013, the Jakobsen name and brand was kept as well as the original focus on quality which still makes Jakobsen Surface Grinders the most preferred around the world. Used Jakobsen Surface Grinders maintain this quality for many years. The company, now owned by Jens Hansen and a group of employees, focus on the concept of workmanship combined with the latest technology in the maintenance and repair of Surface Grinders. Overall, Jakobsen has developed more than 30 different Jakobsen Surface Grinders. 

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Used Jakobsen machines