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The K.O. Lee Company's original founder was Knute Oscar Lee who established his own machinery sales business in 1887. Over the next hundred years the focus changed from selling farm machinery with steam engines to tractors with gasoline engines, threshing machines, and plows to manufacturing grinding machines to entry into the binder twine market. The eruption of WWII in 1939 severed the supply lines of the twine business, so K.O. Lee & Son starting focusing their energies on their thriving tool manufacturing business. They began producing machine tools such as universal tool and cutter grinders for the Allies. By the time the War ended, they attained a reputation for dependability and quality.

The K.O. Lee Company started producing industrial tool grinders in the 1950's, and into surface grinders in the 1960's. The company continued to refine their products in the '70's, and in 2008 sold their business to LeBlond Ltd. LeBlond continues to offer surface grinders and mandrels under the trusted K.O. Lee name. In addition, they strive to provide quality support services for used K.O. Lee machines as well as new.

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Used KO Lee machines