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Guido Bertoglio and Sauro Albertini founded the Albe Machine Factory at Lugano-Viganello, Switzerland in 1954. They started by designing and constructing automatic indexing tables for producing tips for ballpoint pens. Mikron acquired this company in 1985 and became Mikron SA Agno. Since then, Mikron has developed high-precision rotary transfer machines such as the Mikron NRG and the Mikron VX-10 as well as a multistep machining system such as the Mikron Multistep XT-200. They service customers in the markets of Automotive Supply, Electrical/Electronics, Pharma and Medical Devices, Construction/Building, and Consumer Goods.

Used Mikron machines maintain their high quality for many years. Mikron offers exceptional customer service, spare parts, and product and business support. From their Mikron NRG which is a full CNC rotary transfer machine to their Mikron Multistar which is a versatile machining system for small parts, these machines are built for high accuracy and precision manufacturing.

Our inventory of used Mikron machinery varies daily. If you do not see the Mikron equipment you want, contact us, and we will work to try to find it for you. If we do have the used Mikron machine you need, contact us or request a quote.

Visit www.mikron.com/en/mikron-machining/ for more information about Mikron machines.


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