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Since becoming the first company to make abrasive waterjet machining more inexpensive, exact, and simple to use in 1993, OMAX has become the world leader in advanced abrasive waterjet systems. Through these systems, high-precision complex 3D parts be created by almost any industry.

OMAX abrasive waterjets are ultimate cutting machines renowned for speed, precision, and efficiency. The OMAX machines include the OMAX MicroMAX, the OMAX, the OMAX 2626, the OMAX 2652, the OMAX 5555, the OMAX 55100, the OMAX 60120, the OMAX 80X Series, the OMAX 120 Series, the OMAX 160X Series, and the OMAX Mobile JMC. The MAXIEM machines include the MAXIEM 0707, the MAXIEM 1515, the MAXIEM 1530, the MAXIEM 2030, the MAXIEM 2040, the MAXIEM 2060, the MAXIEM 2080, and the MAXIEM 3060.

Our inventory of used OMAX machines changes daily. If our current inventory does not include the OMAX equipment you need, let us know, and we'll work to find one for you. If we do have the OMAX machinery you're interested in, contact us Manage Mfg. & Models, or request a quote.

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used OMAX machines.