Used Rockwell Machines

Machinesused.com buys and sells used Rockwell machines.

The Rockwell Manufacturing Company was originally known as the Pittsburgh Equitable Meter and Manufacturing Company that was created in 1927. In 1945 The Rockwell Manufacturing Company purchased The Delta Specialty Company started by Herbert Tautz. In 1973, the Rockwell Manufacturing Company became the Rockwell International Corp when they merged with North American Rockwell. The company was renamed Delta  International Machinery Corp. when the machinery and tools operations were solt to Pentair.

Parts for original or used Rockwell machines can be bought from Delta Machinery. Rockwell machines include stationary woodworking tools such as drill presses. Machinesused.com's inventory of used Rockwell machines changes daily.

If you see the Rockwell equipment you need, Contact us for more information or request a quote. If our current inventory does not include the used Rockwell machine you are interested in, let us know, and we will work to find it for you.

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