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Yuasa traces its history back to 1666 when a new company was founded in Kyoto, Japan. They supplied coal to blacksmith shops and cutting tool manufacturers and over the course of time, swords, knives, and other cutting tool products were taken in trade for that coal. As Yuasa expanded, they began introducing other cutting tool related products into the Japanese market that they bought from other suppliers. Now, after centuries, they have expanded to providing the world with products ranging from CNC machine tools to grinding attachments.

Yuasa International currently serves Mexico, Canada, South America, and the USA by supplying CNC rotary and mold maker products, workholding items, milling machine accessories, grinding attachments, automatic machines, and CNC turning centers, as well as specialized automatic machines that have been designed according to customer specifications. Since their goal is to provide the highest quality equipment and machine accessories to meet the needs of the smallest machine shop to the largest manufacturing plants, used Yuasa machine maintain their quality.

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Visit www.yuasa-intl.com/aboutus.aspx for more information about Yuasa machines.


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