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CLOSED - Gear Manufacturer Shop Closing Online Auction - Blaine, MN Everything Must Go!


Barber-Colman 16-16- Gear Hobber with PLC Control Servo Work Spindle Drive Motor, Double Thread Index
Barber-Colman 16-36 Gear Hobber with Double Thread Index
Klingelnberg AGW 231 Automatic Hob Sharpener with Change Gears, Index Plates and Coolant System
Marvel Spartan PA13/2 Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw, 13" x 14" Capacity
Barber-Colman No 3 Gear Hobber with Triple Thread Index Worm and Power Vertical Feed
Kalamazoo S6M Belt Sander / Grinder 6" x 48" Belt, 10" x 6" Tilting Work Table
Clausing Model 5913 12" x 36" Engine Lathes with Electric Variable Speed Control
Reishauer NZA Gear Grinder with Coolant System
Sharp 2680B Engine Lathe 26" x 80" With Acu-Rite DRO and Taper Attachment, Steady Rest, 3 Jaw Chuck and more
Klingelnberg PFSU-1200 Gear Checking Machine with Computer Controls
Sunnen MBC-1805 Horizontal Hone with Auto Stroking
Reishauer AM-10 Grinding Worm Profiling Machine w Profile Dresser 2-Available
Barber-Colman 14-15 Gear Hobber with Power Vertical Feed and Double Thread Index Worm
Barber-Colman 16-16 Multicycle Gear Hobber with Power Vertical Feed, Double Thread Index, Auto Hob Shift, Differential
Barber-Colman Type A Gear Hobbing Machine with Power Vertical Feed and Double Thread Index Worm
Klingelnberg PFSU 640 Involute and Lead Tester
Pratt & Whitney Model C 6" x 60" Thread Milling Machine
Lees Bradner HT 12" x 102" Thread Milling Machine
Barber-Colman 6-10 Gear Hobber with Triple Thread Index Worm and Vertical Power Feed
L-Tec Migmaster 250 Mig Welder
Hypertherm MAX 43 Plasma Cutter with Torch & Cart
Fellows 36-6 Gear Shaper - 3 Available
Fassler and Reishauer Grinding Wheel Dressers with assorted dressing wheels
Fellows Type 615A Gear Shaper
Fellows Series 7125A Shaper, Vertical Type
Gould & Eberhardt 48H Gear Hobber, Vertical with Overarm Support
Gould & Eberhardt 72H Gear Hobber, Vertical with Tailstock
Sharp TMV 3-Axis CNC Knee Mill With Acu-Rite MP2 CNC Control, Coolant Mister
PowerMatic Model 87, 39" Vertical Bandsaw with Blade Welder/Grinder
Sharp 2680C Engine Lathe with 16" 3 Jaw Chuck Acu-Rite Digital Readout, Taper Attachment, 2-Speed Tailstock
Cima P5 Gear Hobber, Vertical 500 mm Max Workpiece Diameter
Fellows Reishauer 12 Gear Grinder 3-Available
Bridgeport 1J Step Head with Bridgeport Power Longitudinal Feed, Knee Handle, Quill Handle, Coolant Mister
(4) Gear Hobs, (3) 2.5 DP 20 PA (1) 3 DP 14-1/2 PA -  HUNDREDS OF HOBS IN THIS SALE
Global 5500 Lb Capacity Pallet Jack with Built-In Digital Scale
60"x48"x8.5" No Lip Granite Surface Plate With Stand
Marvel Series 13A Horizontal Automatic Band Saw
Barber-Colman 10-12 Hob Grinder with Indexing Plates
Barber-Colman No. 3 Hob Grinder with Indexing Plates
Reishauer ZB Gear Grinder with Coolant System 2-Available
Mod-U-Blast E4824 DC Blasting Cabinet with Gloves, Gun, Foot Control and Dust Collector
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