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CLOSED - Precision Gear Machine Shop Closure - Koro Industries - Owner Retiring - Maple Grove, MN - Open for Biddng NOW


Nomura NN-13SB CNC Swiss Automatic Screw Machine, Live Milling, Sub-Spindle, Automated Productions Model 225/4200 12' BarFeed(5) Available
Nomura NN-13TB Automatic Screw Machine with Sub Spindle, Mitsubishi Meldas 520L Control, FMB MiniMag Bar Feeder and Mist Buster
Nomura Swiss NN-20UII CNC Automatic Screw Machine, Live Milling, Spego Turnamic Barfeed
Nomura Swiss NN-20BIII CNC Screw Machine, Sub-Spindle, Live-Milling, FMB Turbo 3-26 Magazine Barfeed
Mikron A22/1 Automatic Gear Hobber with Automatic Loader 1, Panel View Display, Hydraulic Crowning (2) Available
Mikron A22/3 Automatic Gear Hobber, Deburring, Hyd. Crowning 
(8) Available
Mikron 102.05 Automatic Multicycle Gear Hobber with Differential, Tailstock (3) Available
Mikron A33/0 Automatic Gear Hobber with  Variable Speed Spindle 
(5) Available
Mikron 102.04 Automatic Universal Gear Hobber with Differential, Left & Right Lead Screws
Mikron A102.05 Automatic Universal Gear Hobber with Differential, Automatic Load/Unload
(2) Available
Mikron A62/0 Automatic Hob Sharpener
(2) Available
Mikron A22/1 Automatic Gear Hobber w Hydraulic Crowning and More (2) Available
Mikron Type 79 Gear Hobber with Variable Speed Drive
(9) Availalbe
Illitron 3412-3C Involute Profile Measuring Machine, w Master Setting Gage
Illitron 3712A-2C Automatic Tooth Space Comparator
Illitron 3912A-3C Helical Lead Measuring Machine with Master Setting Gage
Barber-Colman HSC100 Hob Checker with Indexing Plates
Barber-Colman 6-16 Gear Hobber with Multi-Cycle Control, Hob Shift and 180-Degree Turret
Redin Model 18GP Gear Deburring Machine
Custom Gear Deburring Machine with 6-Station Index Plate, 4" Brushes, Part Manipulation
Mitsubishi GC15CNC CNC Gear Hobbing Machine with Fanuc Control & Crowning
Fellows 3GS Gear Shaper with Variable Speed Drive
Kitamura MyCenter 1B CNC VMC with  Fanuc 10M Control, 16 ATC
Kitamura MyCenter 2 CNC VMC, Fanuc 6M Control, 20 ATC, Coolant System
Kitamura MyCenter 2B CNC VMC, Fanuc 11MB Control, Coolant
Vari-Roll Model C Gear Checker with .0001" Indicator, Helical Gear Stage, Vertical Centers
Overview of Gear Checkers & Attachments. Vari-Roll, S&F, Beaver
Beaver Gear BGA Gear Inspection Fixture with Federal .0001" Indicator
Henri Hauser 241 Pivot Burnishing Machine (4) Available
System One Series 500 Parts Washer with Vacuum Still
Hardinge/Fagor GT CNC Gang Style Chucker Fagor8025 CNC Control w Strausak Vibratory Feeder Bowl
Hardinge DV-59 Second Operation Engine Lathe
Strausak Model 70 Burnishing Machine
Hardinge HC Variable Speed Chucker w 8 Position Turret
Optical Measurement Camera W Monitor, 7X - 4.5 X Zoom Lens, Light Ring w Variable Controls
Donaldson Torit 60 CAB 3/4HP 115 Volt Dust Collector
Bridgeport 2J Milling Machine with 42" X 9" Table
Haas HA5C Programmable Rotary with S50  Controller
Hardinge CHNC CNC Chucker w General Numberic 6T Control "Fanuc"
Kaeser SK19 Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 15HP, 70 CFM