Are New Machine Tool Deliveries Affecting Your Ability to Produce? Share Your Experience!

In the Spring and Summer of 2021, we started to hear the complaints about new machine tool deliveries. The complaints have grown in number and emphasis ever since.  New distributors are quoting delivery periods significantly longer than manufacturers have been used to.  In many cases, actual machine arrivals have been significantly worse than originally quoted. We are not here to place blame onsales departments or machinery builders. In our post-Covid world, it seems everything is harder to get -- and more expensive to boot.  

Have you experienced delays in the availability of new machinery? How long have you had to wait for new machines?  What brands and types are available quickly? What are not? Are quoted deliveries being met? How has this affected your business?

Please share your story with us. If people comment and share their experiences, perhaps it will be helpful to others in search of machinery to make their parts.

So here goes....give us your stories on Facebook, Linkedin,and Twitter. These questions will be found there as well as on our Machinesused.com blog. I am curious to see what we find out.