At Machinesused.com we will stay true to our policy of transparency and honesty in representing Used Industrial Equipment - regardless of the guys out there like Boris...

At Machinesused.com, we created our Online Auction Platform in a manner that allows for transparency for our Bidders.  We indicate where the machine is located, the company that owns it.  We want our bidders to have all of the information that we have available, so that they can feel comfortable bidding in our online sales.  It is the way we have decided to do business.  We feel that this will give our bidders more confidence, and will allow them to bid more, and this is good for our Sellers.

There are some who argue that this transparency is a mistake that can leave us as Auctioneers open to unscrupulous individuals that will attempt to circumvent us and attempt to make secret deals with our Sellers.  There may be some truth to that argument, but we have found our Sellers to be Ethical Businesspeople.  Maybe it has happened on rare occasion, but not enough to change our belief in what we think is the right way to do things. If it has happened, we have ceased representing that Seller in the future.  Cannot let one bad apple spoil the whole barrel.  

There are unethical people out there.  Guys like Boris, who take photos from our auction site and post them as machines that they have for sale on Ebay.  Guys like Boris who are too lazy to even hide the Machinesused.com lot tag in the photos.  We recently stumbled upon a Boris.  We were notified by a couple of our customers who saw our item that in in a current auction advertised on Ebay and let us know about it.  We reached out to him through Ebay and requested he not do that.  His responses were rather astounding.  See for yourself.

Even Boris does not change our commitment to providing the best Online Auction Service possible for our Buyers and Sellers.  We stay committed to transparency and ethical practices - no matter that Boris is out there.