Big Sky CNC Auction - Shop Closing - Due to Overseas Competition Pricing

This coming Tuesday, March 18 - Machinesused.com will be closing our latest Online Auction - Big Sky CNC.  This shop located in Billings Montana has low hours Haas CNC machines and a ShopSabre CNC Router and more. Big Sky CNC is well known in the RC (Remote Control) Helicopter business.  They sell RC Helicopters (and will continue to sell RC Helicopters) through HeliProz - Online and through stores.  But they will no longer be making their Own brand of Helicopters at Big Sky CNC.  I was told this is mostly due to the low cot of Chinese imports.  I was told by the owner that here in the good old USA, the raw material costs for his RC Helicopters is comparable to what he can purchase an imported completed unit for.  This evemtually resulted in his decision to cease operations at Big Sky CNC.  Although this will result in available late model Haas and other machine tools available to other manufacturers at our auction on Tuesday, it is unfortunate to see the reason be from what many would consider unfair competition.  These RC Helicopters are really big boy (and girl) toys, as they sell new for over $1,000 for starters.  Can a high-end electronic toy manufacturer compete in the USA anymore?