Haas Rotary Tables - Which one will work with your machine?

Will that Haas rotary table work with my machine?  We get that question a lot.  It is an important one to ask before purchasing a rotary table.  Haas Rotary Tables use different drive motors that need to match up with the drive in the Haas machine that it will be running on.  This statement is only for the Rotary tables using the 4th or 5th Axis drives directly from a Haas control.  Those using Servo Control Boxes to run the tables do not need to concern themselves with this.  They are using the rotary tables as indexers and not a true 4th or 5th axis driven by the machine control.  For those who are using the 4th and or 5th axis controls from their Haas machines, it is an important detail.  

So, you find a used Haas Rotary table out there and want to know if it will run with your machine. How do you do it?

Step 1: What 4th axis drive is your machine utilizing?  Brush Drive DC or a Brushless AC Motor Drive?  Here's how you can tell.  At the rear of your machine is the control cabinet, looking at it from the rear the interface plugs for the 4th or 5th axis will be on the left side of the control cabinet.  If the 4th axis drive has a single plug interface, you have a brush drive Haas 4th axis and should seek a Haas Rotary Table with the matching single plug cable and interface.  If your Haas machine has two axis interface connectors coming from the side of the cabinet (a larger and smaller one right next to each other) you have a Brushless 4th axis drive machine.

We made this simple video to help you with this identification, enjoy!