How to Install Shipping Bracket on Haas CNC Vertical Mills and Machining Centers

Was rifling through our YouTube Channel the other day, and I stumbled across this Video showing how to Install the Shipping Bracket on a Haas CNC Vertical.  This Video is good for all of the Smaller Haas VMC's - VF2 and Under.  The New Haas Machines (I think those Manufactured 2016 and Later) have changed their shippng bracket style.  They still use a bracket that bolts to the tee-slots in the work table, but instead of bolting the bracket to the head of the machine, it has a round rubber receiver to rest the snout of the spindle in without the use of bolts.  Anyway, most of the Haases we sell still have the bolt-hole for the bolt-on bracket. So here is a video on how to do it.  And remember, you can always find it again on our Youtube Channel MachinesUsed under the Category of How To Videos.  Enjoy!

John Lawton, CEA, GM Machinesused.com, and President of the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers.