March/April Multi-Shop Machine Tool Auction

Become a part of our March/April Multi-Shop Machine Tool Auction! If you’re interested in maximizing the return on your industrial assets, join NOW! Lotting is currently underway for industrial and tooling equipment and machine tools from several Midwest facilities.

At this time this auction includes 1 Air Compressor, 6 CNC Machining Centers, 1 CNC Milling Machines, 3 Electrical Discharge Machines, 2 Hones, 1 Lathe, 2 Milling Machines, 2 Saws, and more. Images as well as more detailed information can be viewed on: http://www.machinesused.com/auction/listings/categories/index.cfm?category=838584077&subcategory=CNC+Machining+Centers.

Previews are available by appointment with the seller. This industrial online auction starts on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, and ends Tuesday, April 5, 2016, starting at 10 AM CDT.

You can become part of this auction by calling at 763.745.1166 or email auctions@machinesused.com.