Meet Machinesused.com Auction Marketing Management Professional Jill Hostad. Congrats on earning the AMM National Auctioneers Association Designation!

In 2016 Jill Hostad joined our team at Machinesused.com.  She was new to the Used Machinery and Auction businesses, with no real prior exposure to it, but learned extremely quickly.  Her attention to detail, hard work attitude, and quick grasp of the business has been impressive. Jill quickly ascended to the role of Operations Manager at Machinesused.com.  She has not let up on the drive that got her to that position.

Earlier this year, Jill obtained her Auctioneer's License. After a trip to the National Auctioneers Association Conference this Summer, Jill decided (with very little prodding) to expand her auctioneer abilities.  She attended the NAA courses on Auction Marketing, completed the courses and submitted her Auction Marketing Campaign for review.

Congratulations are in order! Jill Hostad has achieved the designation of Auction Marketing Management Professional by the National Auctioneers Association.
The National Auctioneers Association describes the AMM Designation as follows:

These professionals have completed extensive training in Auction Marketing Management (AMM) and know how best to market your personal and/or real property using both technology- and print-based methods. The Auction Technology Specialist (ATS), this designation's former title, has this same marketing expertise with a specialty in online auctions.

AMM differentiates auction professionals from individuals who sell items themselves. AMM professionals target an audience for each asset and uses the most effective media to reach your best buyer. AMM professionals know data and can provide you statistical reports that show how their marketing efforts impacted your sale for increased profitability.