Multi-Shop Machine Tool Auction

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Lotting for machine tools, tooling, and industrial equipment from several Midwest facilities is currently underway.

There are several CNC Machining Centers already listed in this auction. These include a 2004 Miyano MTV-T310 CNC Vertical Machining Center with a Programmable Koma Rotary Indexer, a 1996 Mori Seiki SH-63 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, a 1994 Mitsui Seiki HT3A CNC HMC, a 1999 Toyoda FA400 CNC HMC, and a 1992 Toyoda FA450 CNC HMC.

This industrial online auction starts on Tuesday, March 15, 2016, and ends Tuesday, March 29, 2016, starting at 10 AM CDT. Previews are available by appointment with the seller.

Be a part of this auction by calling at 763.745.1166 or email auctions@machinesused.com.