Smart repairs bring Miyano CNC machine back into service

We recently purchased two Miyano BND-51SY CNC Turning Centers from a company in Colorado. These machines are CNC lathes with live milling, sub-spindles, and short bar loaders. 

The first Miyano was in good condition and sold quickly. After cleaning and servicing, we shipped it right back to another machine shop in Colorado from our showroom in Minnesota. 

The second machine, however, needed some repairs. Our knowledgeable team purchased a new subspindle from Miyano for this machine and installed it here at our facility. Also, the bar feed had been sitting too long before we got it, so the PLC had lost it's memory. We purchased a new PLC for the bar feed, installed it, and returned the bar feed to functionality.  With repairs complete, the machine you see on the truck here is now headed to a manufacturer of optical sensors in Minnesota.

Used CNC machines can be repaired and resold. Mechanical issues with machining equipment don't have to be a death sentence. If industrial machines have enough value, they can be repaired and resold -- not scrapped. That's better for the environment and the economy. Our crew enjoys bringing machinery back into useful service. We deliver value by extending the life of quality used equipment. It's great to have a team working here that can get that stuff done!