Take A Look At Our Upcoming Machine Shop Auctions

Why our upcoming machine shop auctions are great for both buyers and sellers of industrial machines.

Right now MachinesUsed.com has 2 separate auctions running. One is a single machine auction that is from Jonaco machine in Chaska, MN. Jonaco was looking to free up space byselling one of their surplus machines in it's shop and wanted to utilize our online auction so that they could sell the machine quickly, while getting fair market value for their used machine. The machine we are running an auction for is a 1999 Marsuura MAM-500HF with an 11 palet changer and Fanuc 161-M CNC control. This auction is a limited time auction that only ran for 7 days, which cuts down on our regular 3 week auction time for just one single machine. 


Our other online auction is a Aerospace Machine Shop and Tool & Die Shop Liquidiation Auction. This particular auction features Haas, Nakamura Tome, Zeiss Contura CMM, & more. This auction is great for companies of all different sizes because it has different machines and equipment that can fill their needs. Even if you aren't looking for a machine in particular, this auction also has a large amount of tool holders, vises, chucks & more! Machinesused.com regularly does Multi-shop online auctions, so make sure to go to our auction page and register here for our next auctions so you can get a great piece of equipment at one of our next auctions. 

Are you looking to sell your surplus used machinery? MachinesUsed.com can help

Whether you have a used 1995 machine or a 2012 machine, we can help! By either purchasing your used machine from you or placing it in our online auction we can make it easy for you to make space by selling your surplus machinery. Our sales representative will also go through which method will allow you to net the most for your machine so you know which method will be the best for you. Machinesused.com appraisers have over 65 years of experience in appraising industrial machines. Give us a call today at 763-745-1166 or email us today at Sales@MachinesUsed.com if you're looking to sell your used machines today.