Tight-Knit Team at MachinesUsed.com Welcomes Adam Klinkner to Sales

Adam Klinkner is no stranger to machine shops, having spent the last eight years as a Swiss machinist on a floor in a high-precision shop. “I was running parts, setting up machines, and programming,” he said.

But when it came time to expand his experience, he knew he’d have to look in a new direction if he wanted more professional development and a better work/life balance. That’s when he came across an ad for a job in sales at MachinesUsed.com. “I wanted something where I could expand my range,” he said. 

Unfortunately, getting into sales can be tough without any sales experience, but that didn’t stop John Lawton, founder and general manager of MachinesUsed.com, from giving Klinkner a chance. “For me,” said Klinkner, “it’s a great fit, especially with my machining background. It helps if you can work your way around a machine.” 

And while he admits he’s encountered a bit of a learning curve in his new position, he’s also received a ton of support from the MachinesUsed.com team. “They have an immense knowledge in the industry,” said Klinkner. “I ask a lot of questions and get a lot of answers. They’re really here to help you out. It’s a great team with good camaraderie.” 

Klinkner also appreciates the variety his sales job offers, especially after specializing in one area for so long. “One day, I might be checking out a foundry auction, getting dirty,” he said, “and the next, I’m in the office following up on emails or working deals.” 

At MachinesUsed.com, the team goes beyond an individual sale and really works on building relationship with clients. “When people want to move machines, they know we’re here to help,” he said. He pointed to a recent sale as a prime example. “The customer was retiring. He had a relationship with our team and reached out to us. We went in and auctioned the whole place.” 

Perhaps the best benefit of working at MachinesUsed.com for Klinkner is the work/life balance he’s been able to achieve. “I have a wife and two kids,” he said. “Working long weeks with a family was grueling. I knew I had to make a change.” 

While Klinkner has only been with MachinesUsed.com for a few months, he’s already glad he made the shift. “I really enjoy customer service,” he said. “In a machine shop, you don’t get to deal with customers. Working at MachinesUsed.com has been a breath of fresh air.”